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Tumi Crafts Fair Trade Jewellery and Beads

As the current recession took hold Tumi was forced gradually to close all the retail outlets leaving only the wholesale distribution. In early 2012 the wholesale distribution was sold off leaving Mo Fini and his wife Lucy Davies with the Latin American jewellery side of the business, hoping that this new project would give us more freedom and a chance to remain in contact with some of those people we have known over 35 years.

Tumi’s focus has not only been incorporating the business side of Latin America but also the social, cultural and political aspects of the continent together with an understanding of the life of the Latin American people. We have achieved this through exhibitions, writing and publishing various books and magazines and making educational videos and documentaries.  (For further details please visit   In recognition of these efforts Tumi received the World Award for Effective Communication from the Centre for World Development Education in London and Mo Fini was also shortlisted for the World Vision Award by the same organisation. Today we look forward to starting this new venture working mostly with small producers in Mexico with silver jewellery, in Ecuador with rainforest and tagua jewellery, in Peru with hand painted beads, feather and organic acai seeds from the Amazon basin as well as jewellery and beads from Chile, Argentina and India.

Now, 35 years on, as we have grown older so too have the craftsmen of yesterday, with their children, the new generation, taking over the successful craftsmanship from their parents. All this would not have been possible without the continued support from people like you who have supported not only us but also helped towards the success stories of the small producer and family groups all over Latin America.

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Mo Fini and Lucy Davies